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Empowerment Conference

Held the last Saturday in September of each year. It started in 2007 and was the primary base for the origins of this organization. It serves girls ages 12 to 19. It exposes girls to educational workshops, activities, entertainment, food, vendors, gift bags and a host of other things. We connect with our community and partner with different organizations and businesses. We connect girls to needed resources. It is a day of empowerment for sure!

"75% of girls with low self esteem reported engaging in negative behaviors." (



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What to Expect?


More to come!

Be sure to come back to visit us here, on our website, any time to see updates for our 2022 Empowerment Conference. You can find and follow us on social media. Links are at the bottom of the page.


We've heard so many positive comments over our 15 years of service! If you participated in our Empowerment Conference, no matter the year, here's your dedicated space to let everyone know about your experience! 

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